Obertauern … be on the top!

Obertauern is a famous tourist destination which is located in the “Radstädter Tauern” in the “Salzburger Land” of Austria. The very famous winter sports resort is separated in two communities: Tweng and Untertauern. After the 1st World War, in 1920 the first skiers came to Obertauern – on foot. The baggage was transported by sleighs. From 1925 till 1927 the so called “Tauern” races took place which attracted many visitors. The inhabitants of Obertauern dated the “birthday” of the village on the 8th of December 1929, because on that day the regular winter traffic of the “Tauern” pass took place for the first time. In 1948 the first lift was installed at the Seekarhaus. From 1948 till 1960 the slope was stepped by the skiers. For one hour “slope stepping” they got 3 free rides. The streets and the avalanche protection were extended in 1950 and the first platter lifts were built. The beginning to develop the hotel-village Obertauern occurred in 1952. Between 1952 and 1961 a multiplicity of modern cableways and tow lifts were installed.

In 1961 the ultra-modern cableway to the Zehnerkar started. In 1962 “Obertauern” became the official place name. One year later, the first motorized snow cat for Austria was used in Obertauern. The “elementary skiing school” was famous too, because the children learned skiing in the afternoon – and this was part of the regular timetable. In 1967 slope construction began. In the process some drastic area changes had been taken because they had to improve the slopes for the snow cats and the needs of tourists from around the world.

In 1985 the first snow gun was installed. Between 1991 and 1998 many modernization works were completed – for example the flood lit slope or the entering of the contactless ski pass system.

Skiing is certainly the most popular sports activity in Obertauern. Besides skiing, snowboarding is quite popular too. The ski area covers around 100 kilometers of slopes and 26 ski lifts, which transport 46,058 persons per hour. The ascent for non-skiers is possible with every chairlift/gondola. With the Zehnerkarbahn and the Günwaldkopfbahn you can also go down. Skiers who only come for a daytrip have got the possibility of parking their cars at the 24,000 square meters parking place. They are all directly next to the slopes. The lift company Obertauern is responsible for the ski lifts.

In Obertauern you have the possibility of making a whole round – the so called Tauern round, because the ski lifts are situated around the village. It runs clockwise and counter-clockwise. The ski bridges make it possible to pass over the main street safely. You can start the Tauern round at every lift and it will end at the starting point. It’s also possible to use the slopes which are not included in the Tauern round because the signage is very good. The slopes are marked with colors, which show the degree of difficulty. Blue (60%) for easy slopes, red (36%) for intermediate and black (4%) for difficult slope sections.


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(Text from Wikipedia)


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